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The Temples of Shikoku

A few years ago I decided to walk the 88 Temple Pilgrim Trail on Japan’s island of Shikoku. My intention of undertaking this pilgrimage was not influenced by any particular … Continue reading

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Dealing With Grief

All of us at some time in our lives will experience grief following the loss of a loved one. The terrible events that took place in sri lanka on Easter … Continue reading

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The Camino de Santiago: An Ancient Way – A Way Back for Veterans?

This article appears in the latest issue of the Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health (JMVH Volume 2 2019) and is based on the Sir Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop Award winning … Continue reading

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Mental health: the challenges transitioning out of the military and back into civilian life

Republishing this article by a staff writer from Monash Lens, the magazine of Monash University, Melbourne, Australia Monash University’s Associate Professor Sanjiva Wijesinha served as a doctor in two defence … Continue reading

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India Sizzles – Pant’s On Fire!

I have just returned home after witnessing an amazing batting display by the Indian cricket team. Batting first on a placid wicket at the Sydney Cricket Ground today in the … Continue reading

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Hugh’s Fat Fight

I recently viewed on BBC the British celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s intriguing documentary Hugh’s Fat Fight describing his campaign to motivate Britishers to lose weight. Whether we are carrying too … Continue reading

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Kandy’s Coffee Bungalow

I am seated in a prettily manicured garden as dusk is falling, sipping a cup of fragrant Highland tea and gazing out at the vista of Kandy stretched out below … Continue reading

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The New Centurions

I have recently read a thought-provoking book written by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott, both professors at the London School of Business, entitled The 100 -Year Life. Based on the … Continue reading

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In To Africa

It was our first trip to East Africa. My interest in East Africa had commenced due to my hobby of stamp collecting – colourful postage stamps from the British East … Continue reading

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Bodhgaya – birthplace of Buddhism

Built in the third century BC by Indian Emperor Ashoka, Bihar state’s temple complex of Bodhgaya (or Buddhagaya as it is known in Sri Lanka) is a sacred site for … Continue reading

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