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Dr. Sanjiva Wijesinha explains how to keep fit – without going to the gym

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Kandy’s Coffee Bungalow

I am seated in a prettily manicured garden as dusk is falling, sipping a cup of fragrant Highland tea and gazing out at the vista of Kandy stretched out below … Continue reading

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The New Centurions

I have recently read a thought-provoking book written by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott, both professors at the London School of Business, entitled The 100 -Year Life. Based on the … Continue reading

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In To Africa

It was our first trip to East Africa. My interest in East Africa had commenced due to my hobby of stamp collecting – colourful postage stamps from the British East … Continue reading

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Bodhgaya – birthplace of Buddhism

Built in the third century BC by Indian Emperor Ashoka, Bihar state’s temple complex of Bodhgaya (or Buddhagaya as it is known in Sri Lanka) is a sacred site for … Continue reading

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Sam’s Story – part 2

Managing Diabetes – continuing Sam’s Story part 1 from April 18th 2018 I gave Sam a request form to get some tests done – a blood test to measure HbA1C … Continue reading

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Sam’s Story – Part 1

Looking After Diabetes – some lessons from my diabetic friend A Story in Three Parts It was good to meet my old classmate Sam, after a lapse of many years, at … Continue reading

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Project Camino – the Podcast

I was interviewed last week about my walk with my son along the Camino de Santiago by Brendan Bolton, an Australian currently living in Santiago de Compostela, for his Project … Continue reading

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Camino de Santiago

An Ancient Way – A Way Back for Veterans? Based on my presentation at the annual conference of the Australasian Military Medical Association, Brisbane October 2017. In June this year, … Continue reading

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Spain’s Mosque-Cathedral of Ciordoba

  A thousand years ago, the Spanish city of Cordoba was one of the largest and most prosperous cities in Europe. During the period that Al-Andalus (the region now known … Continue reading

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